Mission & Values

We are focused on enhancing the lives of boys, girls,men and women through Powerchair Football. Our dedicated team takes the game of football from the boundaries of grass into the lives of all, supporting community development on and off the pitch. 

Our philosophy is that all people regardless of ability should be able to engage in social and physical activity.  

Goals Beyond Grass was founded in 2016 following a successful start in Powerchair Football by the CEO Brian Dix. He recognised that the work being done to engage the community and give disabled people more chances and opportunity to engage in fun, social sports was not enough. He wanted to use Powerchair Football as the vehicle and take the sport out to the community giving everyone the chance to feel included. 

Now the charity operates on a daily basis by the philosophy and values 

- Sport for all (no one will ever be turned away from taking part in our activities)
- Social and Physical (we will encourage a coming together of like minded individuals) 
- Community (we will involve the whole community, able bodied and disabled)

Our Team

The members of our team are all leaders who have made a significant contribution to sport for the disabled. Each and every one of them brings a unique set of skills and expertise to the charity. 
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